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Who is Blackyahtan?

Blackyahtan is a London-based Truth Music artist known for his reggae and dancehall style. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Blackyahtan has performed across London and opened for established Jamaican dancehall artist's such as Alkaline.


Back in his native Kingston, Blackyahtan was involved with music as a DJ and MC - but upon arriving in the UK, he moved away from DJ’ing and began writing lyrics.


Blackyahtan grew up inspired by his musician father, Winston Bowen (also known as Bo P) who toured as a lead guitarist with acts including 809, Lloyd Parks, We The People, Luciano and Burning Spear. These artists would visit 'Bo P' at home for a chat while he played his guitar under the mango tree.


Creatively motivated by artists like Bushman, Luciano, and his father 'Bo P', Blackyahtan enjoys the challenge of writing for himself and for other young artists. His passion for storytelling continues to influence his work as a songwriter.


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Blackyahtan brings a unique and truthful approach to music. His brand of Dancehall is intoxicating and educational, speaking truth while rhythmically enticing his listeners.

Blackyahtan's tracks such as 'Take A Walk' 'Ghetto' and 'Fear No Evil' all are introspective and displaying a guidance that is rooted in wisdom and spirituality.

Blackyahtan has music in his blood and all is leading up to his official debut single 'Olive Oil', beginning the new year with a bang!