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Who is Gabar Ya-ahla?

Gabar Ya-ahla meaning 'Warrior of Power' (formerly known as Gabriel Blacksmith), is the 'not to be slept on' controversial and cultured Truth Music London based artist. Gabar Ya-ahla is known for his versatile flow and delivery in freestyles or on tracks. 


Growing up in the heart of South London to Nigerian parents, Gabar Ya-ahla from a young age had musical influence from his mother, listening to the likes of Bob Marley, Patti Labelle ranging as far as Jazz music. 


Gabar Ya-ahla was also grown in the era of MTV on cable, heavily influenced by hip hop artists such as Wu Tang Clan and Def Squad, just to name a few.


Being raised in the United Kingdom; Old Skool House & Garage, Jungle and later transitioning into Grime music, were a few genres that strongly influenced not only Gabar Ya-ahla but many of the top UK artists. Once joining the skills possessed from Hip Hop with the UK music scene, Gabar Ya-ahla's musical influence and lyrical delivery became more eclectic.

Getting into trouble as a teen, he later turned his life around. Gabar Ya-ahla's mission, first, is to have his music reach the youth; and to be a positive role model for them. Not only this, but to have a positive impact across the globe.

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Since the release of the 'Stand Corrected' & 'Stand Corrected 2' mixtape, Gabar Ya-ahla's music has reached global (I guess its the real meaning of 4 Corner Music).


Numerous tracks have reached as far as Africa, playing on licensed radio stations. Gabar Ya-ahla has had one of his tracks, titled 'Chant' featured on 'Chance' a UK produced movie, he ahs also performed with the likes of Skinny Man, a renowned UK underground rapper.


Gabar Ya-ahla has an extensive catalogue of music, which has enabled him to entertain and rock crowds of all ages. His musical experiences are second to none; especially having the opportunity to freestyle for Rza from Wu Tang Clan, who giving him positive feedback encouraged Gabar Ya-ahla even more in his career. 


Gabar Ya-ahla  is striving in his music, spreading truth and influence across the seas. One of his aims are to work with various artist's such as Ghetts and Wretch 32, and believes he soon will!