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Who is Gabar Ya-ahla?

Gabar Ya-ahla meaning 'Warrior of Power' (formerly known as Gabriel Blacksmith), is the 'not to be slept on' controversial and cultured Truth Music London based artist. Gabar Ya-ahla is known for his versatile flow and delivery in freestyles or on tracks. 


Growing up in the heart of South London to Nigerian parents, Gabar Ya-ahla from a young age had musical influence from his mother, listening to the likes of Bob Marley, Patti Labelle ranging as far as Jazz music. 


Gabar Ya-ahla was also grown in the era of MTV on cable, heavily influenced by hip hop artists such as Wu Tang Clan and Def Squad, just to name a few.


Being raised in the United Kingdom; Old Skool House & Garage, Jungle and later transitioning into Grime music, were a few genres that strongly influenced not only Gabar Ya-ahla but many of the top UK artists. Once joining the skills possessed from Hip Hop with the UK music scene, Gabar Ya-ahla's musical influence and lyrical delivery became more eclectic.

Getting into trouble as a teen, he later turned his life around. Gabar Ya-ahla's mission, first, is to have his music reach the youth; and to be a positive role model for them. Not only this, but to have a positive impact across the globe.

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