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Who is Handmaiden of Yashaya?

Handmaiden of Yashaya, the Soul/ Neo Soul truth music artist; a singer of spiritual truth, who draws her lyrics from ancient Hebrew scriptural collections.  


Her name uses the Ancient Phoenician rendering of Christ’s name: Yashaya; but basically means ‘female servant of Christ’.

Growing up in the early 80s, she listened to classic lovers rock, a genre of reggae and whatever else her mum was blasting from pirate radio stations every Sunday. Whitney Houston was her favourite singer, but Handmaiden’s sound is influenced mostly by US male groups/artists like H-Town, Jodeci, Dru-Hill, Jon B, Musique Soulchild, Jaheim, Usher and Profyle. But also by Aaliyah, Kelly Price, Faith, Brandy, Teedra Moses and Monica.


Now, with an understanding of how her generation’s behaviour was nudged by the lyrics that the musical world sponsored; she takes her inspiration from the Holy Spirit, and the Word.  Her favourite sounds are those by Floetry, Mali, Marvin Sapp, Sean C Johnson - as well as a host of Truth Music artists like Fred and the Genius Ahayah, Jeremiah Gyang, Gabarya’ahla, ManassahWOD, Sistah Char and N’bi’yah.

Her musical journey is intertwined with her path seeking the Most High in Christ, and when she found them she also found her musical home among the talented Children of Israel - recognising the Holy Spirit in the truth music coming out of the USA.


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Since recording truth music, Handmaiden has had a warm welcome from inside and outside of her faith.  She enjoys building her vocal layers and mixing them herself, then sharing raw work on her YouTube channel.  As a trained and qualified broadcast journalist, and spending years watching her old producer record and mix her vocals, Handmaiden is continually refining her approach to first lay and mix her own vocals before sending them off to be polished.  Listeners can chart her journey in the changing sound of her raw releases. 


Handmaiden of Yashaya’s musical goal is to serve Christ as her King by musically exhorting her listeners with humility to put living a righteous life based on literal scripture into practice today - and never look back. She sees her musical work as service to her listeners, not as a means for her own glory or wealth.  And if only one soul comes to Christ from hearing, that’s her goal fulfilled.

Handmaiden's latest single release 'Don't let the Devil Get In' is a heart filled song written by herself, for her people who get led by emotion that may lead to regret. Check it out!

Handmaiden of Yashaya

Handmaiden of Yashaya

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