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Who is Keilah Rebekah?

Keilah Rebekah, the young up & coming singer/ songwriter from the UK. Keilah was told by her mother that she sang before she could even talk, so at the age of 7 years old, whilst singing with her grandad; both her grandad and mother gave her confirmation that she must never stop singing. 


Whilst in school Keilah attended musical instrument lessons; mainly playing the piano, the guitar and dhol drums. Adding to her instrument talents she also performed in arts, playing main roles in plays (but that’s just because she talks loud lol).


Keilah was destined for greatness, performing in talent competitions such as 'TeenStar', 'Talent Hunt' and 'Star Youth' to name a few. She applied for commercial shows such as, 'The Voice' and 'X factor', but unfortunately never got to the visual stages. She has performed on many gigs in and around the midlands, also having the opportunity to share a stage with Beverley Knight.


Not reaching to her expected goal as yet, has made her more determined to work within her passion for music. She currently teaches at Aston Performing Arts Academy coaching the 6 -13 year olds with vocal and performance skills.  


Growing up in a Caribbean home, Keilah was only ever exposed to Reggae music; and in addition to all the reggae influence, she became older and discovered ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’. After discovering singers such as Lauryn Hill, India Arie and Jill Scott, Keilah then had been drawn more into a soul musical inspiration. 



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Being raised of a Hebrew heritage, Keilah's song writing and creativity has always been based on spiritual uplifting energy. Having influence of writing coming from within means that Keilah's writing is never forced or preempted. Instead Keilah writes and sings from the events of inspiration in hope that whatever message is revealed from her music was meant for the listening individual. Some may need to be uplifted, some may need spiritual meditation, some prayer or even need reminding of who they really are. Within Keilah's musical world, there is a little something for everyone and in her words "it all comes from The Rawach Qadash" (spirit of wisdom).

Keilah Rebekah Music

Keilah Rebekah Music

Keilah Rebekah Music
Keilah Rebekah - Made For You

Keilah Rebekah - Made For You

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